Boat Detailing and Yach Care Full Kit

Nasiol  MetalShine + AntiMoss + Glasshield Marine + MarineTex + Nasiol Clean 150 ml + Nasiol Application pads


The complete and comprehensive care set for your yacht or boat. Restore, clean and protect inside and out.


>>> Nasiol Metalshine and AntiMoss polishes and protects your boat’s body work from the ravages of the sun and sea.

>>> GlasShield Marine takes care of your glass and mirror surfaces. No water spots, no water stains. Smudges easily wiped away–if you even see smudges at all. Keeps all your windows clear for high visibility.

>>> MarineTex protects all your boat’s textile and fabric surfaces.

>>> Nasiol Clean and Nasiol application pads keeps everything more than spic-n-span, but brand-new looking and professionally maintained.