Best Solution to Prevent Hard Water Stain


Homeshine protects bathroom and kitchen ceramic and glass surfaces, making them resist the wear and damage of use, including lime, moss, fungus and stains. Gives Easy Clean effect.



>>> Cleaning the kitchen after a baking session with your little ones takes minutes rather than hours.


>>> No scrubbing needed–your bathroom is clean again with just a splash of water, even when you bathed a naughty dog who rolled around in mud.


>>> Easily wipe off smudges on floor-to-ceiling windows and mirrors.


>>> No water spots and stains to rub off your exterior windows.


>>> You can throw away your acid- and ammonia-based cleaning products. No more gloves and masks to protect yourself from the chemicals and the fumes!

  • How to Apply Homeshine?

    • Surface should be free of any dust, wax, dirt, oil or water.
    • Application should be made in a shade area.
    • Surface should be sprayed around 25 times for one square meter.
    • Surface should be buffed immediately with dry cotton cloth.
    • Curing time is 24 h.